About Giftex

Trade & Technology Exposition Co. (India) Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1987 as an exhibition organising company and several events on different themes were organised thereafter.

Giftex was first launched in 1988. Today this annual event occupies all the five halls of Nehru Centre and yet at times this capacity is not enough to accommodate all the prospective exhibitors. At this exhibition bulk orders are booked, but no sales are permitted.The mission behind the launching of GIFTEX, 33 years ago, was to create a common platform as a meeting place for sellers and buyers of Gifts and Stationery.

The event now also encompasses in a big way the Jute Consumer Products as well as Handmade Paper & Products, with major support from large government organisations such as National Jute Board, Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India, the Directorate of Handmade Paper & Fibre Industry and West Bengal State Export Promotion Society. Hence, GIFTEX is now identified by its new and broad spectrum logo GIFTEX as would be observed from its registered trade mark.

Giftex 2016
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The Management Team

Vickram Sethi
Managing Director
Mr. Vickram Sethi, a Commerce and Law Graduate from the Bombay University, he is the Chairman and Managing Director of the Company and instrumental in launching trade exhibitions on several themes over the years since 1988. Mr. Sethi is also the Founder and Curator of The Arts Trust which has to its credit innumerable thematic and unique art shows held in well known art galleries in Mumbai and other places in India. He is also the owner of an art gallery known as the Institute of Contemporary Indian Art, Chairman and Managing Director of Safset Forwarders, a company founded and chaired by his late father Mr. P. K. Sethi.
Haresh Engineer
Director Sales
Mr. Haresh G. Engineer joined us in July 1996 as Sales Manager. His career spans over 40 years. In 1966 he joined M/s. Premier Tyres Limited and spent about 25 years serving the company in various capacities. When he left M/s.Premier Tyres in 1991 he was the District Manager. Later he joined M/s. Hitkari Multifilters Limited as Commercial Manager, and served this company for 5 years and then left it in 1996 to join us as Sales Manager.

Digamber Sethi
Director Opertations
Mr. Digamber Sethi, a Commerce & Economics Graduate from the Bombay University, who went and did a diploma in Marketing from the University of Glamorgan, he is the Director Opertations of the Company. Having an interest in the Trade show business earlier on in life he started working at a very young age of 16 in logistics and management of the Trade Fairs. He now uses his marketing knowledge along with the experience in trade fairs to put up a successful trade fair and to reach the right audience and make sure the brand is always on top.
Abhishek Srivastava
Sales Manager
Mr. Abhishek Srivastava, an MBA from IBS Dehradun major in Sales and Marketing, He has rich experience of Sells, Logistics & Operations for last eight years. Meeting people and travelling is his hobby. He has experience in Space selling and Product selling and would like to take challenges and always interested to work on new projects and develops the core area. His mantra to be success is teamwork.
Furqan Mansuri
Associate Manager Sales
Mr. Furqan Mansuri a commerce graduate from Lala lajpatrai college has been working with us in our marketing department since a year. He has also worked with Arkray in the past and represented for its promotion and publicity.
Suhas Zele
Senior Digital Marketing Manager
Mr. Suhas has joined us in April 2016 and he is heading the Digital Marketing Department. Suhas is graduated from Mumbai University; majors in Software Technology. Prior joining us he was associated with different brands of outsourced projects to India. He worked as Lead Team, Lead Technical Associate and System Engineer for clients like Adobe, Time Warner, AT&T and Dell. Also he had worked with an E-commerce start up project named Pustakwale; as Founder, Operations Head & Digital Marketing Manager for more than two years. In his industry he is well known for his keen explorer attitude.