Offline marketing has also proved to be successful in expanding the exposure of the Giftex brand by bringing focus to our online marketing strategy. Since the last 28 years we have an expanded marketing plan, generating thousands of hard hitting impressions to ensure quality attendance. We have also invested in newspaper advertising, printed mailers, Radio & TV commercials and billboards for greater publicity.

Printed mailers:

We send out 100,000 mailers to the people who matter. Of these 25,000 are to wholesalers and retailers all over India.

Newspapers advertising: :

Giftex releases newspaper ads in major English and regional newspapers, to create awareness about the event and help to reach out to new corporate buyers.

The Gifts and Stationary Association:

The organizers endeavor their utmost to promote the industry. Among the milestones is the formation of the GIFTS AND STATIONERY ASSOCIATION. The Gifts & Stationery Association which has around 15,000 members comprising Wholesalers, Distributors, Retailers and Dealers spread across the length and breadth of India supports this exhibition. Each member receives a personalized invitation.

Radio & TV Commercials:

To promote the event, we provide commercials in order to reach out to remote locations in India. With this medium of marketing, we target people who can’t be reached using print and online media.


Just before the event, we select major locations to put event information hoardings. Last year we had placed more than 40 hoardings across the city.

Giftex Marketing Overview 2018 : Click Here to Download