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AR & VR gifting options for Tech Enthusiasts

Augmented Reality and Virtual reality gadgets have the potential to change our lives in the future. The strong and widespread tradition of giving gifts, with innovative customer experience, we have listed down a few virtual reality-themed picks for fellow tech enthusiasts:

1. The Magic Leap 2 AR headset is lightweight and smoothly transitions from AR to VR for immersive, futuristic business experiences.

2. The HTC VIVE Wrist Tracker gives you more freedom in a VR space with its small, lightweight form factor. Plus, it even tracks objects. This also has a variety of different tools and peripherals to assist in a multitude of applications, including professional training and sports science.

3.The ElecSuit e-haptic suit can give you an effective EMS workout (electro muscle stimulation) in 20 minutes. Plus, it works with 3 VR games and sends electrical pulses to your muscles for smarter training.

4. Snap Spectacles 3 lean heavily on augmented reality and boast dual cameras to capture 3D videos and photos

Consumers have fully embraced digital technologies, and they are also passionate about the most recent inventions, rushing to test and share them. In order to communicate their distinctiveness and leave an emotionally lasting impression that is simple to remember, many brands have develop fresh and significant experiential system.

High-end fashion house Gucci launched Gucci Town, which is a virtual world within the Roblox metaverse. Players can explore the town, learn about the house’s history, and connect with other people in the game. The interactive elements of Gucci Town are the mini-games, the browsable art exhibitions, and the Gucci store where people can purchase clothes for their Roblox avatars. When users wear the clothing they’ve purchased, they can spark conversations with others that are curious about the unique items and, as a result, are inspired to visit and discover what the town has to offer.

Likewise, beauty brand Sephora had kiosks where visitors can virtually test makeup products on their face to ensure they’re satisfied with how it looks before making a purchase. These kiosks are a high-value marketing tool, providing a unique hybrid experience to help customers get the most out of their in-store visit.  Sephora does allow physical testing of its products, not everyone might want to do so, so the kiosks are an additional option. It’s also beneficial for customer satisfaction, as people can see exactly what the products look like ahead of time to ensure they spend money on one that works best for them and their needs.

Eyewear brand Lenscart’s Virtual Augmented Reality experience – a one-of-a-kind tool that makes it seamless to buy sunglasses and eyeglasses online. The tool allows you to scan and analyze your face, detect your face shape and temple size, thereby suggesting frames that suit you the best.

Now that these cool AR/VR gadgets that are in the market, these products are a sure shot inspiration for the future generation. Which one impressed you the most? Let us know in the comments below