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Must Buy Smart Home Gadgets 2023

Best Smart Home Gadgets For Smart Living

Untill a few years back, the smart house concept was just an imagination; however, technological advancements have turned our dreams into reality. Smart homes are real smart – you can switch on the fans, put off lights, lock your door, or do anything that is instant and use less physical energy. Today, you can take control of your ACs, fans, and lights on your smartphone. Isn’t it really smart? We feel it’s insane and just awesome. Today, there are even gadgets that will help you protect your homes.

What Are Smart Home Gadgets?

Smart home gadgets are electronic devices that can solve common issues at home by leveraging technology. It provides greater ease and convenience. These devices connect to the internet, networks, or other wireless protocols like Bluetooth, Wifi, 5G, LiFi, etc. to operate interactively. Many smart home gadgets are trending these days, and if we dig further, we might have more. Finding a smart home gadget can be a tussle task, seriously, there are a hell lot of products in the market. From video doorbells to smart locks, and home assistants you’ll find a lot of intriguing products. Don’t worry! We will make your job easier. Our blog has compiled the best smart home devices just for you.

Check The Best Smart Gadgets For Your Home:

Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot

Alexa, tell us when will Virat Kohli hit a century? He just manage to hit it. We’re sure each one of us must have tried some crazy questions with these IoT-enabled devices. Yes! It’s the most exciting smart home gadget which you can either bring home or gift to your loved ones. Echo devices connect to the Alex service through the internet. Using AI and Deep learning techniques, Alexa enables an Echo device to ‘listen’ for user commands to do a multitude of tasks such as playing music, answering questions, playing radio, random jokes, traffic situations, creating and editing to-do lists, or setting timer/alarms. It’s fun to sit and listen to the intriguing answers. This simple yet effective smart home gadget should be on your wishlist. Gift Amazon Echo Dot to your loved ones or gift it yourself and we’re sure it won’t disappoint you.

Wipro Smart Light Bulb


Wipro Smart Bulb

Smart bulbs are the future of lighting. Everyone has their own tastes in lights, while your brother is happy with greens, your sister might love blue. With smart lights, you can choose the colour you want in your home. This smart light bulb can illuminate your home and even transform any room or set the right atmosphere for the occasion. Other than Wipro, you’ll find smart lights with multiple brands like Phillips, Wyze Bulb, Sengled, Ring Solar, etc. But as per the research, Wipro’s smart light bulbs are pocket-friendly and have no compromise on quality.

Xiaomi Vacuum Robot


Xiaomi Vacuum Robot

Aaj bai nahi ayi hai, ghar kaun saaf karega? Let’s toss it. No need to toss or waste energy on it. Get a robot. Sounds crazy? Yes! The dream comes true with this smart home gadget. Xiaomi’s Vacuum Robot is one of the most efficient yet pocket-friendly vacuum robots available in the market. Firstly, the device will scan your entire flat and empty area; and clean your house at the set time. It can automatically charge itself. Also, the device has an in-built mopping feature, so it allows the robot to mop your floor. All you have to do is just set the instructions for cleaning, mopping, and time band, leave the robot vacuum on the floor, and walk out. Gift this highly talented gadget to your mother and seek her blessing forever.

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Godrej Smart Lock


Godrej Smart Lock

Do forgetting keys give you sleepless nights? Relax! It’s the era of smart locks. Get your home a modern and premium security system – Godrej Smart Lock. It’s the most exciting smart home gadget in the market for you. This little yet effective smart lock system has RFID unlocking, Passcode unlocking, Biometric unlocking, and a mechanical key to unlock, in case of emergencies. You can pick any of the options to unlock your door. You may register for a single passcode to unlock the door or up to 100 RFID cards for multiple-user access. Biometrics are again secured with your thumb or palm identities. Get it installed at your door today.

Sonos Arc Soundbar


Sonos Arc Soundbar

Sonos Arc Soundbar – an Esquire Gadget Awards Winner is capable to amplify spatial audio layers in your room while you watch movies or series on your home theatres. It will map out the room’s acoustics, and then decide to reduce echo and sound. Later, it will replicate a surround system for a cool 3D experience, if required. And the best thing is the sleek round-cornered design.

Xiaomi Security Camera 360


Xiaomi 360 Camera

In today’s time, security is a must, and security cameras are the apt device to monitor your home when you’re outdoors. This awesome home smart device is lightweight and durable. Install it on your ceiling and control the view anytime, anywhere. 360° camera offers live feed at 1080 HP which is way beyond clear. The device even has a talkback feature that will enable anyone to talk to you without any hassle. Connect it to your Wi-Fi, and it’s good to go! All the feeds will be recorded on an internal MicroSD card.

Smart Video Doorbell


Qubo Smart Video Doorbell

Still, using the traditional tring-tring doorbell? Perhaps, it’s time to make a smart move. Qubo Smart Video Doorbell will let you know who’s at the door from wherever you are. It delivers HD video and bright, crisp images, even at night. It lets you talk to the person. You’ll get 35+ amazing tunes to set based on interests and preferences. It even has an alarm and it works in sync with Alexa.

This is all about some smart home solutions in 2023.

Hope you’ll find our blog interesting. Rate your personal favourite or do let us know which smart house device you’re using right now in the comment box.

Untill then buy these smart home solutions and live smarter. Smart Bye!