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Branded Gifts to Help Cut Workplace Stress

In a man eat man world where business is cut throat and competition is intense a company can only survive with a strong loyal core team.  When looking for loyalty it’s not easy to obtain because human nature can never be judged but when looking at how to build a strong team that’s a lot easier. The basics of a strong team is team work and employee satisfaction. Team work can be focused on by having team building exercises which we will cover in another article. Employee satisfaction can be achieved by either employee incentives in the form of perks or corporate or personal gifting. Corporate gifting when focusing on the core team of the company should be something more thought about. The gift should be something useful, something as per the designation of the receiver and finally something that the employee really appreciates or wants. For this the best way would be to have the HR look into the different employee packages / targets met / likes and dislikes.

After ascertaining what gift would be best suited for an employee, there would always be the two options available i.e. take a branded product or a not branded solution. What’s the difference you may ask? Let me tell you it’s all about the perceived value of your brand and of the product your gifting. For example today if we gift an “unknown unbranded” travel bag the receiver may be happy but will feel like you have undermined him/her and his/her value to the firm. But if the same employee has been gifted a branded travel bag he/she will feel that the company values her work ethics and appreciates his/her efforts put into work. The employee feels like they matter to the firm and are an integral part of the core team of the company and thereby their productive will automatically increase. A gift that makes the receiver feel better will always be remembered; and this recall value helps boosting the employees morale and loyalty.

Giving something usual and random might seem more of a formality but a gift that is well-thought of will create a positive atmosphere and improve employees performance.