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Challenges in retaining old clients

Every CMO is faced with the constant challenge of retaining old clients along with finding new clients. They use different tactics and marketing gimmicks in order to do so. After all everything depends on brand recollection and the best and most cost-effective way to achieve that is through promotional/corporate gifting or incentive merchandise. Here are some examples of a few tried and tested corporate gifts.


Confectionery & CookiesConfectionery & Cookies Unique promotional products like custom confectionary and cookies are the newest addition to the list of most popular and exclusive personalized merchandise. They are perfect for giving away to both customers and employees on special occasions like Christmas and other holidays.  Gift Hampers with nice packaging also leave a lasting impression.

Branded bar and wine accessories are considered to be high-class promotional products. They are the practical choice for businesses looking to make a good impression and at the same time, get their brand message across effectively. Promotional wine and bar accessories 7 cheese gift sets complement each other. Certain merchandise can be customized according to your marketing requirements and can be transformed into the best advertising tools you can only imagine.



Keyrings When promoting your brand, big is not always better. One classic example is personalized keyrings. Used for holding car, home and office keys, branded keyrings make the perfect promo merchandise, thanks to their constant visibility. They come in numerous styles, material, and shape ranging from fun to exclusive and luxurious designs.



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Custom and branded apparel have become a popular and effective way to promote your brand during corporate events and that employees can wear to the office every day.  Promotional fabrics include clothes, towels, umbrellas, bedspreads, and caps.  These customizable items are considered as daily essentials and carried to many different places.





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Luggage and travel accessories are a way to get international brand recognition and you can’t go wrong with something like this because everyone who travels will still need a bag. 

Power banks are the new way to get your brand across as a lot of people to use them to charge their phones and other electronics. Some companies have even started renting out branded power banks to shared office spaces and malls thereby increasing their brand recognition and visibility.



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Computer Accessories Branded computer accessories offer businesses a way to promote their brand in a subtle yet effective manner. These personalized accessories are used on a day to day basis and, with your company name or logo printed on them; brand recognition among potential customers is improved.




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Diaries & Planners are considered as the ideal choice for boosting brand visibility for their professional look, high quality, and undeniable functionality. Even with the growing popularity of digital devices, branded compendiums continue to be the accessory of choice.




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Desk & Office Accessories Nothing can motivate an employee more than receiving corporate gifts such as a promotional desk and office accessories branded with the company name and logo for their hard work. Businesses have always chosen personalized office accessories for their functionality and reliability in improving brand visibility. Promo desk and office accessories are also effective in establishing a brand presence outside the workplace which is why they are hugely popular as giveaways during conferences and industry events. 

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Pens & Pencils Classic promotional merchandise such as branded pens and pencils are your best bet if you want to maximize your brand’s exposure while staying within your budget. These personalized writing tools offer value for your buck as they can be passed on to business clients and co-workers and used in schools and homes, reaching more places than intended. They are certainly economical as compared with other marketing tools so you can be generous when you hand them out as corporate gifts, tokens or souvenirs.