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Corporate Gifting: Impact of Gifting and Rewards on Employees Morale

Gifting has taken a new turn in the last decade; with changing times the importance of Gifting and the thought process behind gifting has changed too.

In olden times, gifts were all about occasions and festivals; and those gifts were mostly about sweets, clothes, furniture, utensils or jewellery and now with all these we have personalisation, customisation, hampers, handicrafts, fragrances and a lot more.

In Today’s world, Gifting is popularised in the Corporate Sector, Businesses often use gifting as a mean of gratitude or appreciation or recognition. The net worth of Corporate Gifting is INR 12,000 crore and the section is growing at over 200% per annum. Gifting helps businesses in creating relationships and strengthening the old ones, as per research 63% of companies credited gift-giving as a factor in their improved customer relationships with their clients. 94% of top business executives believe that gifting can impact a business relationship. 53% of employees stayed at their company due to the recognition and reward.

Earlier businesses used to simply go ahead with sweets, chocolates, flowers to express gratitude and during festivals it was more about utensils or bags or chocolates, dry fruits and sweets. Now businesses spend time in choosing gifts for their customers, clients, investors and employees. There are certain companies in India who have taken gifting at another notch by gifting some really expensive things to their employees. A company in Chennai in India gifted as many as 100 BMWs card to its employees for their constant support and terrific contribution in company’s growth and success. A company in Gujarat gifted Mercedes to three employees who completed 25 years in the company.

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Gifting has become such an essential part of the corporate world. Gifting to employees have helped businesses in creating a positive working atmosphere; also, it boosts employee’s morale; gift is a kind of appreciation gesture. As per the research rewards and recognitions programs to appreciate employee’s efforts in the form of awards, certificates, mementos, gifts have helped employees improvise their performance and has also created a positive feeling in other employees; rewards and recognition has helped companies in employee retention, employee loyalty, improved team work and better performance. Looking at people getting appreciated for their work there has also been a little boost in motivation of other employees.

Gifting is helping businesses retain their customers, motivate their employees and build strong relationships; owing it to the importance it’s really necessary to choose a gift that would help businesses express the right emotion to the customers, employees and clients.

In the last 2 years, Covid has affected the world in an adverse way; during those times it was difficult for the employees, clients, businesses and everyone; it’s after two years that businesses are getting an opportunity to life up the moral of their employees and strengthen their relationships. As its after two years; it’s important that you choose the right gift for your corporate needs.


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