Giftex Sponsorships

The goal is to grow your business & Employee Happiness!

Why Sponsor Giftex

Set yourself apart among the crowd.

Building a strong and powerful image for your business is an intelligent way to increase your customer base. If your company seems profitable, customers are confident that you can meet their needs. You can take advantage of this power of collective credibility through sponsorship, as it is becoming more and more popular among business houses that want to grow rapidly and reach prospective audience.
With a fully sold-out exhibition hall & featuring over 150 exhibiting companies, it is important to walk the extra mile to ensure your brand stands out from the competition.

When you are a Giftex Sponsor, your brand exposure begins way before the event with your branding prominently featuring across Giftex’s marketing collaterals. During the event, your branding will featured at strategic locations across the exhibit hall. Based on the packages, there are many opportunities to boost brand awareness, increase traffic to your stand and build positive engagement with your target audience.

Giftex 2023 : Sponsorship Opportunities

Diamond Sponsorship

The Diamond Sponsors are acknowledged as the premium…..

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Platinum Sponsorship

In Platinum Sponsorship, the esteemed organization will be…..

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Gold Sponsorship

In Gold Sponsorship, the esteemed organization’s name will be highlighted as the…..

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Associate Sponsorship

In Associate Sponsorship, the esteemed organizations will enjoy during the pre…..aeget.

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