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Gifting: Wedding Gifts depending on the Wedding functions

Wedding is a person’s special day; a day that a person and the family remembers for the rest of the life and in India, wedding is a BIG BIG thing! In India, every culture has a different type of wedding and every family has a different requirement for wedding. Be it a small wedding or a big fat Indian wedding, the functions and the preparations are the most important part.

In an Indian wedding a lot of things matters, the venue, flowers, decorations, food, theme and one of the most important things that does not go away from wedding is shagun and gifting.

Indian families tend to gift something to the close family members and a few relatives; in the olden times this was just about gifting at the end of the wedding but with the changing times; this too have changed. In today’s times gifting starts right from the invitation to the wedding functions to the complete wedding.

In a recent Indian wedding, we saw a family sending out a print of very famous printing by M.F Hussain as a wedding invite; there was also a wedding card which cost Rs. 3 lakh each that contained the itinerary of the wedding functions and a box embossed with golden embroidery, which once opened, plays the tune of the Gayatri Mantra. In the past one of the famous Bollywood actors spent really 6 million on the wedding invitation card, it was personalised with royal crest; one of the business family tried something different by sending a small LCD screen that played a video featuring the couple and other family members as well.

In the past we also saw some famous Bollywood stars and business man giving special return wedding gift to the guests; gifts like gold coins, gold idols, silver coins, expensive gift baskets and more. Indian weddings have explored in a gift; in old times it was about gifting vessels, sweets and clothes but now it’s about gifting something unique.

Even in old times, the newly married couple used to receive envelopes, frames, vessels as a gift but now it has evolved to jewelery, cars, gadgets, flats and a lot more. The gifting is highly based on the wedding budget.

Gifting has evolved in the past decade and now everyone tries to gift something unique and memorable but the biggest problem is to find something special.

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