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Global Recycling Day 2023: Significance and Ideas

Every year, the Earth yields billions of tons of natural resources, but at some point, it will run out. Therefore, we should think again about what we throw away – seeing it as not a waste, but an opportunity. If we don’t act now and make rapid changes, we will witness a steep rise in global temperatures, melting glaciers, constant fires, and rapid deforestation.

But, we have the power to make a change through the ‘Recycling’ of waste products. Yes! Recycling is recognized as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 2030. We see many individuals, public and private companies who support the global green agenda. One such way is to recycle paper waste for gift wraps. Gift-giving is an act of love, respect, and generosity towards the giftee. There are hundreds of creative wrapping ideas that will help you make gifts for her, gifts for men, gifts for girlfriends, or others look customized and special, but gift wrap could be pretty much a waste. And since most people think they cannot recycle wrapping paper, they just thrash it away.

Is Gift Wrap Recyclable?

Yes! Around 80% of the papers could be recycled, reused, and repurposed. “Wrapping paper and gift bags come in various shapes, sizes, and varieties; but the fancy ones are difficult to recycle to put to reuse. Plain wrapping paper, or regular wrapping paper printed with a design, can be recycled; however, metallic, or glitter-embellished papers should be shredded in the bin. The same rule is implied for the ribbons and strings. The easiest way to check if your gift wrapping paper can be recycled or not is to do a scrunch test. The paper should crush in your hands without bouncing back. Recycling paper for gift wraps is an innovative way to make your gift memorable yet sustainable.
On 18 March 2023 – a Global Recycling Day let’s all pledge to ‘Recycle and Reuse” the gifting wrap.

What Is Recyclable And Recycled Gift Wrap?

There is paper made from recycled material and then there is paper that can be recycled. If your gift wrap is recyclable, it means you recycle it. And if you buy recycled gift wrap, then it’s made of paper that was already used such as newsprint or cardboard. And it’s recycled again and again. But both are greener and cooler ways compared to traditional gift wrap. There are several recyclable options made of different materials other than paper such as plant fibers or stones. Try making your gift wrap look more eco-friendly by opting for paper ribbons and a paper tape that could be recycled or reused.

Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper

Switching to eco-friendly wrapping paper is one of the simple ways to reduce waste and preserve natural resources. Just Google and you’ll find amazing ways to make your gifts look special and even do a bit to protect the environment.

Start protecting your environment with recycled gift wrap now!