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Hermes Birkin – A symbol of Wealth, Affluence and Exclusivity

Lauded by bag lovers, influencers, and top celebrities, one of the most iconic bags of all time and a symbol of wealth due to its high price is Hermes Birkin! If you desire to be the proud owner of the Birkin, you not only have to start saving some serious money (for starters the entry-level is as much as the cost of a car), you also have to pre-order this bag as they are not readily available in the stores.

Here is how it all began…  Jane Birkin, the English actress, and singer was taking a plane and was seated next to the Hermes Chief Executive, Jean Louis Dumas. She was about to take her seat when all the contents of her straw traveling bag fell on the ground. This awkward moment inspired Hermes to design the perfect bag for a weekend away!

What makes this bag, one-of-a-kind?  Hermes only makes a limited amount of Birkin bags per year as part of their scarcity marketing strategy. This is why buying a Birkin from a boutique involves hoop-jumping for all but their most exclusive VIP customers. The limited edition bags are made from only the highest standard of materials including cow, lizard, crocodile, and ostrich skin. The tedious production process includes intricate stitching, coating, hammering seams, and pearling, all completed by highly trained artisans. Each bag takes up to 48 hours, with Hermès unwilling to compromise on any part of the production to speed up the process. The final inspection of the bags takes place in the Hermès department headquarters in Bobigny, France, before the bag is then sent to its store or owner.

So, how much does Birkin cost? The Hermes Birkin can range from US$ 9800 to $250000, depending on the leather and materials used! The Birkin bag is a major plot point of the Sex and the City episode “Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda”, in which Samantha is placed on a five-year waiting list for the bag. Kim Kardashian made news in 2013 for a $40,000 Birkin, gifted to her by her husband Kanye West. Khloe Kardashian’s child too nestled in US$108,000 worth of bags.  Additionally, Kim’s daughter was publicized while carrying a US$17,000 Hermes bag.

Still, quandering on buying a  Birkin? It’s always better to invest in one thing that lasts a lifetime and brings continuous joy rather than spend the same amount of money on many things feeling dissatisfied more often than not. They are worth every penny if you want to add luxury style to your wardrobe.

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