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Holi The Festival Of Colours and Joy

Holi: India’s Festival Of Colours And Joy

It’s that time of year again when people will splash colours, spread joy, and share sweets amongst loved ones, friends, and family. Yes! We are talking about Holi The world’s biggest colour festival

The entire nation will be swept in a festive mood – Smearing colours, drinking varied types of beverages, and eating sweets especially cooked for Holi. But, do you actually know why Holi is celebrated? Gen-Z just thinks the festival or colours is a new beginning to a new age but there is more to it – A mythological story. Are you curious to listen? Then let us take you down the historical lanes to know what led to the practice of Holi festival.

The Holika Dahan

Bhagavata Purana says, ‘King Hiranyakashipu – the king of demonic Asuras had immense strength and got a boon to not be killed by neither man nor an animal, neither day or at night, neither by weapon nor fire. This grew his arrogance and he started demanding people to worship him as a ‘God’.

But, the King’s son Prahlad was a staunch devotee of lord Vishnu. This made the king furious and he subjugated his son to rigorous and harsh punishments. Finally, the king’s sister – Holika decided to sit on a pyre with him. While Holika protected herself with a cloak, Prahlad remain exposed. As the fire blazed, the cloak flew which burnt Holika and encased Prahlad, thereby saving his life.

The Mythological Story Of Holi

The Mythological Story Of Holi

Lord Vishnu appeared in the form of Narsimha – a half-man and half-lion symbiote and killed Hiranyakashipu. Holi begins with a Holika bonfire and which symbolizes that faith has its own power and can burn evil thoughts and deeds to ashes.

Since India is a multi-traditional landscape, different regions celebrate Holi in different styles and ways. In West Bengal & Assam Holi is known as ‘Basant Utsav’, in UP it’s called Lathmar Holi being celebrated at Barsana, Mathura. Women beat up men with sticks during this festival, and people support them and sing religious hymns.

Probably, the only day when women feel more empowered and secure than men. Just kidding! It’s a ritual and there is nothing as such. But in real life women has to empower themselves and stay protected from the evil eyes around them; especially during Holi. And our blog will share some norms and behaviours’ of women in Holi.

Even though the customs and rituals vary all across India, the whole nation is united in the spirit of celebrating Holi – the Indian festival of colours and joy. Isn’t it quite an enthralling experience huh?

So let’s discuss what’s there to do for Holi 2023

Cook Delicious Cuisines

Delicious Holi Sweets

Delicious Holi Sweets

Holi is not about the celebration of colours but also about relishing delicious sweets. Dive into cooking books, and recipes online or call your parents to prepare some lip-smacking sweets that you can share with friends or relatives on Holi. Few Holi sweets to focus on Rasmalai, Kheer, Puran Poli, Coconut Laddoos, etc.

Holi Special Movies

Holi Special Movies

Holi Special Movies

You know what? Holi is glorified by most Indian movies. Remember when Gabbar says ‘Holi kab hai, kab hai Holi’ it actually gives us goosebumps and we are all set to thrive & give on the festival. Even foreign audiences are fascinated by Holi and they have started celebrating colours in their own way. So why not grab hold of your friends or family and arrange a great movie rally? Our top suggestions: Sholay – the all-time classic Indian drama. Then you have Silsila – the sensational love story. Yeh Jawanai Hai Deewani – the next-gen love affair else you can watch Ramleela – the traditional love cum intense action story. Whatever but it’s a laughter riot and fun when you watch movies with your friends or relatives, isn’t it? Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity guys! Also, don’t forget to gulp those laddoos, gujiyas, or rasmalai along with thandai sips.

Holi Music Mania

Holi Music Events

Holi Music Events

India is the land of festivals and music. It is tradition to come up with the best dance moves to the beats of music while smearing your faces with colours. In Metropolitans like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, or Kolkatta you’ll come across several Holi events sponsored by political parties or business giants. Design hit Holi songs 2023 and thrive at the festival.

Thandai Or Barfis

Thandai Barfi Gujiyas


Holi hai toh thandai toh banti hai. Thandai is a rich, milk-based drink that includes dry fruits. Traditional Barfis, Thandai, or Gujiyas are the perfect Holi vibes. So we would advise better shop for the related ingredients, come back home, and cook up an extravaganza. You will make new friends – it’s guaranteed! Thankfully, the Thandai mix comes in pre-mixed batter, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Hope you’re all set with things to do in Holi 2023 now…

Some Essential Holi Tips For Women’s Safety:

Gone are the days when it was enforced on us: Bura Na Mano Holi Hai. Today, people like being socially and physically safe, something that’s constantly on their minds.

Norms and behaviours for women: Holi 2023

  • Avoid over-crowded places
  • Don’t be shy to say ‘NO’
  • Cover your eyes with sunglasses
  • Keep yourself dehydrated
  • Protect your skin & hair
  • No to ‘Eggs’ or ‘Tomatoes’
  • Protect your gadgets
  • Try to put eco-friendly colours

Last but not the least, keep infants and pets away from harsh Holi colours. These chemically induced colours can cause skin allergies in infants and mental disturbance amongst the pets such as dogs, cats, or birds.

Best Selling Holi Gifts Ideas

Whenever you get Holi gifts, it’s the ability of the gift to convey emotions, build connection and bring smiles to the face of the recipient. Putting all the curiosity aside and making it easy for you, we’ve come up with the Holi special gifts items for you:

Holi Gift Ideas

Cool Holi Gift Ideas

Make your choice, afterall it’s Holi hai…

Holi Hampers

At times, we have to go for more than one gift item and Holi hampers would be the ideal choice for it. The hampers usually include items like water guns, sweets, cookies, namkeen, organic colours, chocolates, sunglasses, and more.


Mithai toh banti hai. Sweets are the top-most choice and are an inevitable part of any fest in India. There is an assorted range of delicious & mouth-watering sweets in the markets. You can buy flavoured Gujiyas, Mewa cakes, Kaku Pista Roll, Karachi Halwa, Puran Poli, Mathura Peda, Bengali Sweets and more. Well! The list is endless…

Organic Holi Colours

Organic Holi Colours

Organic Holi Colours

Here comes the most important thing in Holi – Colours. Holi cannot be imagined without colours. But try and don’t use chemical and acidic colours. There are organic skin-friendly Gulaal or vibrant colours of different brands. You can shop for organic Holi colours and use them to celebrate with your friends and family members.

Holi T-shirts

Customized Holi Tshirts

Customized Holi Tshirts

It’s a new trend to wear customized t-shirts on the occasion of Holi or other festivals. Especially t-shirts to show bonds with your friends, family, and office colleagues. There are also Holi events wherein you can wear customized t-shirts and thrive on live music and enjoy thandai, and sweets. For couples you’ll find Holi special combo t-shirts, there are packs for families such as Mom, Dad, and kids, group t-shirts, and even solo t-shirts that can make your dear ones amazed. It will surely induce joy and happiness among them.

Send these Holi gifts online and spread the magic of love & happiness on Holi 2023

You can even find an exquisite range of Holi corporate gifts online. Order gifts online and let your employees enjoy Holi 2023 in style and happiness. To get ideas on innovative gifting solutions, you may visit premier gifting exhibitions across India.

We hope you liked our Holi blog. We’ll be back with more interesting ones, so until next time, see ya!!

Spread the colours of joy, happiness, and harmony with your loved ones

.Happy Holi 2023