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How a gift increases the sales of a product

“A golden ticket is the pass that allows the owner to get into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.” We all remember this from Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory as well as Charlie and the chocolate factory. These movies don’t just teach you that being good and not greedy will give you good returns. But it teaches us a very important lesson in marketing and sales, it was the first movie which gave the world the idea that a freebee give away can really stimulate the demand of your product. The beginning of the movie shows how all over the world the supply of Wonka bars in candy shops has reduced. One of the five winners had employed a large scale factory / work shed where they had a workforce of 10,000 people solely hired for opening chocolate bars. This movie made the world realize the importance of giving a gift / giveaway helps increase the sales of the said product.  


Taking this step forward a lot of companies came up with ideas and started giving related products for free eg: buy a shampoo get a soap free. This works when you have excessive stock and if the difference between the price margins of the two products are not to large. Some companies took it a step further eg; giving gold coins on purchase of cars. This concept is simple and cost effective because you never say that each customer will be receiving a gold coin, the brand just says it’s a part of the lucky draw thereby increasing their sales at the same time giving a giveaway / gift and improving the brand image in the customers mind.