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How To Make Your Brand Stand Out At GIFTEX’23?

Exhibitions are important for the success of any business – be it gifts or other forms of products or services. When you exhibit your products or services at an exhibition you have a huge chance for creating brand awareness. However, it’s essential that you stand out from the crowd and beat the competition. But how exactly can you do this and get noticed? Where do you even start when there are countless other platforms to give attention to? In order to stand out, you have to focus on creativity and out-of-the-box promotional; but beyond this, you need a robust brand awareness strategy that will help you interact 1:1 with key-decision makers.

One such influential trade show is Giftex. Yes! At Giftex we aim to offer extensive business & networking opportunities for various brands – be it recognized or even start-ups packed with innovative ideas. We set a stage to let you display your creativity, boost long-term relations, and deliver a win-win situation for all.

Some Proven Tips To Make Your Brand Stand Out:

Gifting is a proven part of any exhibition. At the end of the day when you go back to your home or hotel room with a bag full of freebies – you will find booklets, pens, rings, keychains, or confectionery. But occasionally you will find something that’s valuable and useful. And this is where the company has made an impression. Such promotional products are a proven way to customer engagement, build loyalty, and drive call to action.

Attract Visitors

The number one obstacle for any exhibitor is attracting visitors. You’ve vying for attention with potentially hundreds of other exhibitors around you. But people are attracted by the sight of things being given away. It will fire their curiosity and let them develop an interest in your product or service. If you’re giving away something that’s really worthwhile, word of mouth will spread too for you. Gotta, to be a crowd puller.

More Engagement

Mere pulling crowds and watching them as spectators won’t help right? You want to engage them in conversation. Give them information that opens up a conversation and makes them more inclined towards it. Think about your customers, and try to understand what they need to know and what makes your product more appealing or unique and most importantly suitable for them. Quizzes & games are the best things to keep your morale high. You can come up with personalized prizes that can be kept as a ‘trophy of achievement’ even after you entertain the audience.

Create Pre-Awareness



Creating a pre-awareness of participation, in any event, is crucial and there are various ways to focus your drive. Sending e-invites to your existing customers will be a good way to take a start. Let them realize your long-term association and ask them to come with friends or co-workers to build more audience. Social media plays a key role in raising pre-awareness and generating hot leads for your gift business. A quick Tweet or Instagram photo could reach millions of people in one go and they would be excited to attend your stall and take a product demo. It can also be viewed as brand awareness marketing that helps to create a buzz about your product or services.

Leave An Impression

The success of any gifting exhibition will be measured by the sales that come in due to your presence in the show. Exhibitions are a particularly efficient way to boost your sales. Experts predict 80% of the new products are tried and tested at exhibitions wherein the customer wants to take a look and feel of it. These customers will turn out to be your potential clients. But how many sales you will achieve will depend largely on the lasting impressions you will create at the trade show. Free promotional gifts, discounts, or quiz wins are powerful ways to let stay on the mind of your customers. Think about an idea that will reflect your company culture and brand image. For instance, wellness and cosmetics product dealers wanting to portray quality might gift limited edition of face wash packets or makeup kits.

Efficient Networking

Networking Opportunities

Networking Opportunities

Networking is an important part of Giftex or any other form of exhibition. It helps you connect with potential buyer-sellers, create product awareness, develop existing ones, and meet prospective sales or purchase managers, and key decision-makers. To put it simply – Merely taking a pavilion is not enough to sell your product especially when you’re someone who is there for bulk sourcing; you have to network efficiently.

You need to set a goal of what you want, whom you should meet, and what will be your target audience. Try to accomplish it! Don’t just take a stall aimlessly in the exhibition. Lastly, attitude matters a lot; whether you’re a start-up packed with ideas or established brands, if you don’t have certain approach, confidence, and attitude people won’t attract to you. You need to be energetic and positive, actively listen to what people need to say, and get the contact information of everyone who will be interested to develop a bond.

Giftex – India’s biggest corporate and regular gift exhibition provides amazing opportunities to create brand awareness, grow your business, and deliver a win-win situation for all. These top tips will make your brand stand out at Giftex.



Being a sponsor at such a renowned gift exhibition will give your brand a must-opportunity to showcase your products & services to a highly targeted and engaged audience. We offer a range of sponsorship packages to suit different budgets & marketing objectives. In addition to exhibiting your products and services, sponsorship of Giftex 2023 offers your company numerous additional benefits, including:

  • Exposure to a captive audience of key decision-makers in the gift market
  • Brand recognition and visibility through event signage and marketing materials
  • Networking opportunities with other industry leaders and potential clients
  • A platform to launch new products and services

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