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Luxury Abode with Bottega Veneta: The magic of weaving!

For someone who is always refining their closet with a classic edge, embracing new trends, and leaving behind some older ones that no longer feel fresh or stylish, we have a brand that has the oomph and the style that we are embracing this holiday season! Read on to know more…

Nowadays, fashion brands are getting pretty loud to make sure their identity gives the shoppers reasons to choose them. But, there is a fashion brand that has achieved all of this in silence. The Bottega Veneta brand identity has made a lot of statements in fashion trends, not just in a simple but unique way.

Being one of the most successful brands in Italy, Bottega Veneta maintained its tradition, of crafting several unique pieces with leather. The simple meaning of the brand name is ‘Venetian Shop’. The technique of weaving leather strips to make their luxurious products has been an essential mark of this brand. This iconic design helps you spot a Bottega whenever you see one.

The bag range includes briefcases, fanny packs, clutches, and shopper bags, along with a diverse selection of shoes like lug boots, Puddled boots, and Quilted shoes that are designed in bright colors. The brand also has exclusive fragrances for every occasion. The fragrances of the Italian label are available in scents – floral, woody, fruity, spicy, leathery, aquatic, and fresh. For all those who want to give your outfit the finishing touch, the accessories for men and women have a unique sense of style, whether simple or flashy, Bottega suits every personal preference.

Interestingly like other big luxurious brands, Bottega Veneta doesn’t have a logo, the craftsmanship, internal labels, and luxury feel help expose the Bottega Veneta brand identity uniquely. Personalities like Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Amal Clooney, Jackie Kennedy, Lauren Hutton, Kanye West, and Dua Lipa many of the Kardashian-Jenners have been pictured sporting multiple pieces from the brand, generating plenty of noise and contributing to their success of becoming one of the fastest growing Italian brands to date.

Other larger brands like Gucci and Prada have products that can suit both the high and low-end markets pretty well. It’s a style that’s accessible all around. However, in regards to pricing, Bottega Veneta is crafted very well, and that’s why they cost so much. It’s not a fashion that can be accessible all around because of how it’s made. The handcrafting of their pieces using the ‘intrecciato’ (Weaving of leather)  takes a long time. However, at the end of creating them, they appear very durable, versatile, and classy.

Purchasing high-end luxury brands started out as a way to splurge and spoil ourselves, but throughout the years buying luxury products has become similar to investing in the stock market.

When buying a Bottega Veneta product you know you are in for a treat! It’s subtle but definitely fitting for dinner parties, weddings, and media events. Owning a Bottega Veneta will help boost your self-esteem, and make you feel you belong to an exclusive group of people, with a feeling of being richer and unique!