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New Year Resolution!

New Year is around the corner and everyone is excited for the same to welcome this upcoming year with some brand new beginnings and with their so-called never breaking New Year resolutions. The list of resolutions can be enormous and great in number concurrently.

Almost every single soul on this planet Earth does follow this New Year resolution trend to bring exhilaration in their lives. So, let’s dive deeper to understand what exactly these New Year resolutions are!

New Year resolutions can be simply defined as – a stiff commitment that is usually made on New Year’s day or on one day prior to doing some amazing things this upcoming year that you really wanted to do or to abstain from something that you wanted to get rid from so long.

Moreover, it can also be stated as a well-known heritage that is extremely popular in both western and eastern societies. People generally try to exercise ethical and satisfactory practices and refine their behaviors. They also make a plan to achieve their aims hassle-free and also transpose undesired habits.

Why do people make New Year Resolutions? – Moreover, New Year resolutions are made by people to strike archetypal ‘Reset Button’ to cope and get back on track for their missed desired objectives like – Run for a Marathon, setting any kind of Guinness World Record, being health conscious, Quitting bad habits, spending more time with their endeared ones, financial planning’s, educational desires, clearing all debts, eating sensibly, being more creative, finishing up any favorite book of one’s choice, learning any new skill, maintaining hobbies, joining the Yoga, Zumba or Gym classes and the most desired one is to lose weight anyhow in this fresh year and get back to ones desired shape!

But the prime reason for making New Year resolutions is – that people need one more chance to become fortunate to ameliorate their desired standard of life. By setting such commitments, one can get hold of their own life by controlling it and by rectifying things accordingly, giving new hope!


# Few Sought-after New Year Resolution List 

  1. a) Gym Membership – When the new year starts, everyone’s spirit is high related to health and fitness and this gives tremendous rise to taking memberships of the gyms. Many people end up taking quarterly, half-yearly, or even full-year memberships thinking that – no matter what happens – this year they won’t give up on achieving their dream body in any case!

Research shows that 95% of New Year’s Resolutions are fitness related, but after just 3 months, only 10% of people think their resolution will last.


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  1. b) Subscription of Healthy Meal – What time would be more appropriate to reset one’s health goals, other than the New Year? Hence, in order to maintain good health, many people opt for healthy meal subscriptions enormously. These health industries do offer attractive offers on this occasion, to get a maximum number of people buying their subscription plans for a specific period of time.

But soon, you get fed up with the diet restrictions and hop back to your original eating habits – giving a blow to all your healthy meal aspirations.

  1. c) Adventure Sports – No matter what one’s age is – everyone has some love for one or the other adventure sport. There are ample adventure sports that one can enjoy namely – Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Caving, Parasailing, Trekking, Bungee Jumping, Skydiving, Flyboarding, Flying Fox, Snow Skiing, Sport Climbing, etc., and the list goes on and on.

But as time passes and as one gets busy again back to their routines, their adventure sports bucket list remains untouched for years.

  1. d) Bucket List Travel – Who doesn’t love traveling around the globe? Everyone has their own bucket list, particularly for their traveling fantasies. Many websites also do shower lights on the top and exclusive travel bucket lists, which makes one’s search easy. The list may run anywhere right from Indian traveling to the foreign traveling places like – Himalayan Trekking, Visiting one of the Wonders of the world – the Taj Mahal, the Grand Canyon, the great wall of China, the Maldives, Bali, Indonesia, Cape town, Morocco, etc.
  2. e) Spending Family Time – In today’s fast-paced life, one gets deprived of family time, which ultimately hits several areas of our lives in a negative way. Research studies show that to achieve good health, one should have quality time with their family, as – it increases pleasure, contentment, gratification, etc. which ultimately boosts one’s health.
  3. f) Business Goals – Everyone wants to become financially sound and forsooth everyone has some business ideas in their minds with a specific target and time period to achieve the same. The goals may be short-term or long-term, general or prime, as per the action plans.
  4. g) Quit Smoking – Resisting tobacco cravings is a big deal for regular smokers. Yet, they show a lot of guts in the New Year by promising themselves, that in this upcoming year – they will surely quit smoking at any cost. Initially, it becomes very troublesome for them but after a while, they even succeed at least in reducing the number of smoking shots.

Indeed, to get rid of smoking completely, one needs to take the help of both – Counselling and medication, which can give permanent desired results. Also, Nicotine replacement therapy can add value in this regard.

  1. h) Being Noble and doing a lot of Charity – It is always a delightful experience to show some affection to other people in their crucial times. Many kind-hearted souls do come forward with pure intentions and share their kindness by doing a lot of charity during the New Year affairs.
  2. i) Learning a New Skill – Taking some time out of our hectic schedules simply to learn some new skill can be a very relishing experience for oneself. Many people plan to learn their left-behind passion or try to acquire a new skill in the coming year.

Why are New Year Resolutions broken in a week’s time? – In spite of making genuine efforts to save the promising New Year resolutions, still we are unable to hold them for long. Many reasons can add up like – loss of motivation and passion. Even a Lack of assets, time, and even company can result in such failures.

Setting wrong or impractical goals, doubting oneself, lack of knowledge, planning, accountability, and tracking progress are some of the major reasons why people back out at the beginning of the first three months and continue the same resolutions for every year back to back in hope of fulfilling them some fine day.

How can We Motivate Ourselves to Continue our Resolutions for long? – One can save one’s resolutions by planning them smartly and optimistically. One has to set real-time achievable goals rather than unfeasible targets and take small steps rather than impossible actions. We need to limit our commitments and target one specific aim at a time within the possible time limit.

Never feel ashamed to take help when necessary as this is a challenging journey and we all do need support for the same.  Keep getting motivation and surround yourself with the alike mindset around yourself to keep going.

Be patient and keep reminding yourself that bringing changes in yourself is also a vital process that takes time. Also, be sure to sharpen your weapons with proper skills and knowledge and avoid past mistakes that have led to such failures.

Conclusion – It is truly exclaimed by someone that – ‘Enter this new year with gratitude for this new chance to create your dreams!’ And hence, we have to be wise enough to plan realistic New Year resolutions to make them achievable this coming year and keep the flame burning!!!

Wish You All A Very Happy New Year!