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How to Exhibit

  • Giftex offers varied options for exhibiting. Details of these options and their prices are provided in the Brochure. Exhibitors are expected to maintain high standards of booth design and present only their innovations and new range of products as Giftex is a high-quality trade show with the presence of leading Indian and International brands and attracts high-quality, professional trade buyers.
  • For participation in Giftex, you need to complete the Physical Exhibitor Contract Form and accept all the terms and conditions for participation which will be provided by our Sales team, by clicking on the ‘Exhibit with us’ Button below the T&C’s, you can fill the Exhibitor request form to proceed.


Few important Pointers and T&C for Exhibitors

  • Terms and Conditions 
    1. No Exhibitor will be allowed to participate in the exhibition  without paying the full amount of the stall space booked in advance of the schedule date of commencement of the exhibition 
    2. No refund of payment will be made for cancellation of the  stall space booked by the Exhibitor
    3. All exhibitors will abide by the rules and regulations laid down by the organizers either verbally or in writing.
    4. The decision of the organizers will be final and binding on all concerned and in all matters relating to the exhibition.
    5. Any or all legal disputes will be strictly restricted to the jurisdiction of courts in Mumbai, India , alone
    6. The organizers shall be at liberty to change the dates, timing or venue of the exhibition owing to unavoidable circumstances or to cancel the exhibition for such reasons under advice to the exhibitors.
    7. All outstation payments will be made by the exhibitors to the organizers by RTGS/NEFT in favor of TRADE & TECHNOLOGY EXPOSITION CO (I) PVT LTD. Mumbai India
  • Payments made by the exhibitors in the office of the organizers shall alone be accepted in cash or when handed over to an authorized representative of the organizers at the exhibition site. Otherwise all payments by  parties in Mumbai shall be made by Payee’s Account Cheque drawn in favor of TRADE & TECHNOLOGY EXPOSITION CO. (I) PVT LTD., RTGS/ NEFT
  1. The organizers will not be held responsible by the exhibitor for any mistakes, omissions etc., due to oversight in the Exhibitors Directory.
  2. The exhibitors will strictly abide by the rules and regulations prescribes by the exhibition Centre.
  3. Any damage or loss caused to any part of the of the exhibitors Centre or to the goods belonging to other exhibitors in the exhibitions will be charged for by organizers from the exhibitor concerned who shall make the payment for any such damage or loss forthwith to the organizers, if and when to do so.
  4. Any loss or damage to goods suffered by the exhibitor owing to pilferage, fire, rain, floods, riots, strike, or accident or any malicious motive, or during transport and carriage or in the premises of the exhibitions Centre owing to the same or any other reason whatsoever shall not be the responsibility of the organizers and no payment or reimbursement whatsoever shall be made by the organizer to the exhibitor concerned for any such loss or damage suffered by the exhibitors.
  5. The decision of the Organizers will be final and binding on the exhibitors in all matters concerning the Exhibition. Disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts in Mumbai, India
  6. Exhibitors are requested to note that attached is a tentative Floor plan and the organizers reserve the right to make any changes, if necessary.
  7. Sales not allowed at the Exhibitions. Any exhibitors is found to be making counter sales will be held responsible, for any action initiated by the competent tax authority .
  8. The organizers will not be responsible for any breach of this condition on the part of the exhibitor.
Note: All Exhibitors will have been deemed to have read, understood and agreed totally with all terms and conditions mentioned above before singing this stall Application Form.
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