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Significance of Different Gifts in the Wedding!

Wedding Gifts and its Importance –

It is truly said by someone that – ‘Every Wedding Comes with a bundle of emotions, be it Love, Happiness or Sentiments!

Forsooth, these extra special occasions must be handled with extra fondness and tenderness to make it one of the most indelible experiences of one’s life! And of course, everyone is excited about this Wedding affair and is busy making one’s preparation for this big day.

Not only do the bride and the groom have butterflies in their stomach but also the rest of the family members and the near and dear ones are also equally excited in planning for such an exhilarating day.

And how can one celebrate such a significant big day without Gifts? Indeed, giving gifts in every notable instance lies in the intrinsic values that we have been cherishing for ages. So, how come wedding gifts be missed!!! Of course not, they must be given the most above-and-beyond attention with respect to gifting for the newly-wed.

Are you still having visions of sugarplums dancing in your head about what exactly should be gifted on this big day? Perfect Gifting ideas can set one in the mawkish mode and leave oneself in mere bewilderment. Everyone wants to gift something unique to the married couple to show their love and affection in a distinctive way!

So, here’s a list of startling gifting suggestions that can project you poles apart from the rest of the horde.

1) Journals for the Bride – Such journals are no ordinary thing, as they can be witnessed as pure love handwritten notes from your endeared one’s for you on this big day!  The well-spent moments can be penned down in this journal to make it even more striking and even good wishes can be showered for her future expeditions!

2) Grooming Kit for the Groom – You can set the seal on for the groom for his big day by giving him not only a brand but also his preferred products in a voguish manner right from deodorants,  beard care, gels, foams, trimmers, shavers, clippers, lip care, face wash, etc. in a grooming kit.

3) Perfume Sprays for both – Everyone wants to smell breath-taking on their D-Day and hence, gifting an exotic pair of perfume sprays for both of them can be an absolutely astounding idea.

4) Customised twosome Watches – According to the likings of the couple, the watches can be customized either with some specific colour or design or even the initials of their names can give it an especial touch!

5) Monogram-designed Finger Rings Newly-weds do enjoy wearing couple rings for certain. Forsooth, the customized monogram rings will surely add smiles to them!

6) Monogram Make-up Box Kit – Make-up kits do hold a prodigious place in the heart of any bride. And if it is given a personal touch by giving a monogram make-up box itself with all her best-loved products, what more could a bride ask for?

7) High quality Cameras – In today’s digital world, you can even gift a handy action camera to a selfie-loving twosome, so that they can catch all their pleasing memories and thank you for their whole life.

8) Wedding Trip Package – After a tiresome series of rituals that follow after the wedding, a couple craves gifts that enable them to relax and enjoy quality time with each other. Hence such packages are all-time favourites of a newly married couple.

As every coin has two sides, so do gifting manners exist! Always try to avoid the below-mentioned gifts to circumvent any faux pas for the newlywed couple.

1)  An Incomplete Gift – It is obvious, that some wedding gifts come in a particular set. If you remove something from it and re-gift them, it can be an annoying situation for a couple when they realize this and soon they may end up finishing it off the incomplete set by themselves.

2)  A Portrait or home furnishings – Simply gifting any random portrait or any household furnishings can be definitely a bad idea as there is a huge possibility that the couple might have some special plans of their choice and you may be gifting those things that are completely out of their taste.

3)  Any Newborn Gift Never, gift any infant accessories to a couple as it may even discomfort them if they are not planning for a baby soon.

Always reserve such gifts when you are actually aware that the couple has announced their good news to you. Until then refrain from giving such sensitive gifts.

4)  Inter-relationships Books – Such books can shower lights on many wedding aspects like – do’s and don’ts in a relationship, how to succeed, how to set borderlines in a relationship, and about having good and bad days, etc., etc.

The couple may get anxious by reading such heavy context books and may fear about the upcoming tribulations in their marriage life. So, let them explore their journey themselves peacefully. Even, if such books sound very utilitarian, yet avoid giving such books to them.

5)  Living Creatures – Living creatures may sound very alluring but they come up with a huge responsibility. As the newlywed is busy to explore about each other, the new responsibility of taking care of living creatures like – fish, turtles, hamsters, etc. can bring pain to their life.

It’s better to think about something else rather than gifting them a big liability itself.

6)  A Bouncing Check Never ever gift a cheque to a couple that is going to bounce – as this can bring a lot of embarrassment to both sides. To add to the misery, even the couple recipient may get charged by the bank itself for the bounced cheque.

Instead, try giving the cash or a gift card to be on the safer side.

The list of wedding gifts goes on and on. The bottom line is that – the best gifts are those, which are given wholeheartedly with your personal touch in some way! Gifts are loved and cherished by everyone and hence, gifting can never go out of fashion!

So, keep unrolling gratification and warmth with your gifting deeds!!!