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The Smaller Footprint Company: Towards a greener and cleaner tomorrow, one small step at a time.

Over the years, though we have witnessed a substantial improvement in the standard of living, there has
been a large fallout in the form of a higher amount of wastage, more use of disposable products, reduced
purchasing cycles, indulgence, and reduced recycling. All these have resulted in our environmental footprint
increasing dramatically.
We can’t just continue to live as if there is no tomorrow because there is a tomorrow.
The Smaller Footprint Company is an initiative to help individuals and corporates reduce their

ecological footprint, one small step at a time. It aims to achieve this by providing a free for all content-
driven platform that includes valuable resources related to living a sustainable life. For Corporates, we offer

one-time and long-term engagement programs for training employees on the benefits of leading a
sustainable life. We aim not to be the sage preaching from the stage but the friendly guide by your side
who helps you make greener choices in everyday life.
The company also offers a range of carefully curated zero-waste products which help you kick start this switch
and adopt a sustainable lifestyle.
The platform will be launched on Aug 15th, 2022. We look forward to your participation in helping make this
world cleaner and better for our future generations.
You can visit us between Aug 3

-6 at Giftex Exhibition – Nehru Centre Worli, Stall No. 26 and 26A (2nd

Floor) for sneak preview.
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