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This Holi, Gift the Joy of Eco-friendliness

From delicious food to home-made ‘Bhang’, the joy of spraying colors to playing with water balloons and pichkaris, the festival of Holi is all about excitement and celebration.

This year, with the outbreak of the Corona Virus and rising global health concerns, advisories are being issued to stay safe and avoid crowded gatherings, including crowded Holi celebrations.

Amidst the safety concern, it is important to take necessary precautions at the same time, not miss out on celebrating the festival and making the most of it.

Hence, we thought to give you some ideas of how you can do that!

Here are a few things you can do-



1) Use Eco-Friendly Colors – safe to eyes, skin and the environment.

2) Eat Healthy Food- intake of food that doesn’t spoil celebration mood.

3) Save Water- Redefine Holi with a shower of compassion and warm greetings

4) Gifts your Guests a Plant- You must have gifted a chocolate box, or a traditional gift, to your guests, friends, relatives or business colleagues.  This time try to gift a plant that will not only make them feel good but also make them realize how much you care about the environment. And Holi is one of those festivals, where such gestures not only brings great impact on people’s mind but also have significantly more than ever.


Some plants that you can gift- Tulsi Plant, Aloe Vera, Succulents, Mint Plant, Lavender, Ficus, Jade Terrarium, Spider Plant

We hope you have an exciting and meaningful Holi celebration. Wishing you all a very happy and safe Holi!