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World Consumer Day- A Gift every Consumer Deserves

“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need before they realize it themselves” – Steve Jobs


We all have heard Consumer is the King! Their behavior drives the future of the market and it impacts the world economy. Everyone in the world wants to win over consumers and they drive the success and the future of their business.

Research companies put billions of dollars to understand their psychology and the way they will think in the future and companies indeed spend millions and billions to know that!


But, when it comes to celebrating World Consumer Day in real sense, what is the gift that we as creators, manufacturers, service providers, businesses and traders can gift to over consumers to acknowledge their immortal importance?


Here is a small checklist:  


A Fair Deal: Consumers are always in search of getting more then what they pay. A deliverable that values the price they pay, an equation of quality over quantity.


Trust and Transparency: The biggest companies are the ones who have developed a brand of trust over their years of trade practices. Consumer loyalty can only be developed with consistent trust and transparency through one’s product or services.


Better Trade Practices: Although there are various company norms about ideal trade practices. In the era of competition, everyone is willing to win the market and the consumers.  Better trade practice concerning the standards of manufacturing, marketing and reaching out will always benefit the consumer in choosing the right product.

Value Their Feedback:  Sell what your consumer want and not what you want to sell,” this old quote sums up everything. The best market research lies in consumers’ feedback.


But among all, the most valuable and memorable gift every consumer deserves is Value and Experience. The only way the product or service can speak for itself it through its value and experience it creates its users. If anyone consistently manages to do that, then they have done their part for their consumer!